About us

Profil is a company which was founded in 1995 and is based in Bielsko Biala. The company is a Polish market leader in the field of production and regeneration of the most commonly found tooling material’s worldwide. We offer both the production and regeneration of milling and specialty tools. We are able to adapt to our clients individual needs. The effectiveness and durability of our tools are guaranteed thanks to the use of a world renowned PVD coating technology.

Machining is a specialty which is our passion, which is why we continue to see a growing amount of clients who have entrusted us. Our tools are of a very high quality, we employ highly skilled and experienced specialists. We have a fully outfitted machining facility. Our products and services are offered throughout Europe and beyond. Our clients are provided with customer service every step of the way, during the selection of tool selection which guarantees high end service and solutions to technical problems. We have earned the trust of world renowned manufacturers in the Automotive, airline, rail, medical and several other sectors.

Profil is a company which brings several years of experience and offers the highest quality service.

We invite you to work alongside with us