Tool making
We manufacture highly specialized cutting tools. We offer our client’s high speed steel and carbide tool products. We can also manufacture tool products made to match our client’s individual needs.
Specialized tool making
We manufacture specialized tools. Specialized tools allow for precise adaptability to a specific technological process. We manufacture specialized tools according to technical drawings our clients bring us. Thanks to the use of proper measuring devices, we are able to correctly establish the exact parameters of a tool and provide a specifications card.


PVD coatings

We offer PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings. The PVD coating process involves the application of thin, durable and wear resistant coating. PVD coatings have a thickness of a few thousands of a millimeter, they are very durable and have a low friction coefficient. They are resistant to wear and are chemically inert. We offer our clients a wide range of solutions which we adjust to the client’s individual needs. The application of PVD coatings does not change the dimensional tolerance or sharpness of edges.

Advantages of PVD coatings:

  • increased friction wear resistance,
  • increased and equally distributed surface hardness of work tools,
  • increase in milling effectiveness,
  • increased machining effectiveness,
  • decreased friction coefficient,
  • improved machining surface quality,
  • increased tool durability,
  • decreased manufacturing costs
Types of coatings Microhardness layer (HV 0.05) Coefficient of friction (on dry) Maximum operating temperature (°C) Coating color
TIN 2,300 0.4 600 gold-yellow
TiAlN 3,300 0.30 – 0.35 900 purplish grey
TiAlN 3,300 0.25 900 purplish grey
AlTiN 3,300 0.35 1000 grey
AlCrN 3,300 0.25 1100 dark brown


In addition to the above mentioned coatings, we also offer several different types which can be selected to meet the client’s individual needs.

Tool restoration

We restore a wide range of cutting tools. Tool restoration allows for the reduction in costs associated with the new tool replacement. The tools are restored according to their initial parameters and look like new. We find it common to see that the tools which we have resorted for our clients to exceed the operating time of newly purchased tools, this is due to the fact that we apply a proper PVD coating.

Tool hardening

We offer onsite tool hardening. Hardening is a process which involves heat treating a material to an appropriate temperature, holding the material at the appropriate temperature for a duration required for the changes in the internal structure of the material to take place. After the treatment process the material is hardened by means of stress force concentration which increases strength properties (hardness, brittleness, friction resistance and so on.).


We offer grinding which is an abrasive machining process. We use the latest grinding equipment which allows us to offer our clients a high degree of dimensional, shape accuracy with little surface roughness.


We offer our client’s sharpening services. Sharpening is a precise procedure which requires the use of a proper sharpening device, proper selection of tools, equipment and a highly qualified staff. We use the latest sharpening equipment which allows us to provide high accuracy.


We offer our customers turning, which is a machining procedure involving the cutting of faces on a workpiece both internally and externally perpendicular to the rotary axis.


We offer our client’s milling, which allows us to machine plane surfaces, grooves, shaped surfaces and teeth. We our outfitted with the latest high end milling machines, enabling us to adjust to the client’s individual needs.